Director Velu Prabhakaran gets wed to his movie heroine Shirley Das

Director Velu Prabhakaran has invited media for his marriage with an actress of his previous film earlier today. While it was believed to be a promotion stunt for his upcoming movie Oru Iyakkunarin Kaadhal Diary, interestingly, Velu Prabhakaran married his previous film Kadhal Kadhai heroine Shirley Day.

They both exchanged rings at a personal affair attended by near and dear ones in front of press people. We have learned that the newlywed couple will soon register their marriage officially.

Velu Prabhakaran is better known for his controversial movies, and the latest film is Oru Iyakkunarin Kaadhal Diary, was widely spoken and criticized for the photo stills. He plays the titular in the film as himself and Pon Swathi plays the female lead, which has Ilayaraja music

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