2.0 leaked photos: Guess who turns robot now!

Piracy and leakage have been giving sleepless nights to producers for years which have now hit 2.0 makers as well. A photo of the lead stars involving Rajinikanth (probably Chitti) and Amy Jackson was leaked online for a while now.

Whilst the look of Akshay Kumar who plays the lead antagonists in the film was leaked before the makers launch it officially. The entire film unit was in shock seeing the photos on social media and has launched an investigation to nab those behind the leaks.

From the photo, it appears both Rajinikanth and Amy Jackson to be robots in the film. On a serious note, the photo in question appears to be photoshoped, however, we’ll get it clarified once the film hits theatres. The film was originally slated to release for Diwali 2017. Because of extensive graphics works, the makers have pushed the release date to Pongal 2018.

2.0 is the costliest movie in Indian cinemas ever made so the makers and the director of the film Shankar won’t digest such leaks anymore. The impact could be massive of anything goes wrong.

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