Kamal Haasan on GST rates: Cinema is not gambling, it is an art and could ruin Tamil film industry

Kamal Haasan, the legendary icon of Tamil Cinema, is requesting the government to reconsider and reduce the GST (Goods and Service tax) rates on Tamil film industry. While addressing a press meet today, the actor appears to be unsatisfactory with the new GST rate, which has been implemented from yesterday (June 1).

He feels that this high GST rates of 28 percent on entertainment slab could completely ruin the Tamil cinema as it would increase the burden of the normal movie goers. At these high rates, the percentage of people going to theatres will rapidly decrease which is not good for industry. With the new GST rates, the cost of one ticket would be around Rs 180 for online booking (clarification needed).

This is what Kamal Haasan has to say on GST rates on entertainment industry.

“It is very clear that if the GST is as high as 28 percent, it is going to ruin the regional film industry. I really think 12 percent was ideal and my kindest request to consider bringing it down. I will quit cinema if these extremely high GST rates are not removed by the government.

It has to be noted that we are Kollywood and they cannot charge us at Hollywood standards. This 28 percent is not healthy for the growth of Tamil cinema which might perish at this rate. Cinema is not like gambling, it is an art. So I request the government to look into this issue and reduce the GST.”

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