Rangoon Tamil Movie Review

Charming hero Gautham Karthick has come up with an intense action thriller this Friday (today) Rangoon. The film’s title plays a vital role as the crux of the film happens in Rangoon, which is now Yangon, the largest city in Myanmar (formerly Burma). The film is helmed by Rajkumar Periasamy and produced by AR Murugadoss features Gautham Karthik and Sana Makbul in the lead roles.

The trailer of the film which was released earlier this year was well received by audience creating high expectation for this movie, the first for Gautham Karthik after Kadal. He badly needs a hit and all of his previous films were a complete disaster. AR Murugadoss is the only hope why people want to watch it because of his directorial ventures. He has given a worthy movie. Rajkumar Periasamy has justified the reason for naming this film Rangoon. Did the film live up to the expectations it has created? check it out:

Rangoon Tamil Movie Review 

As I said, Rangoon is an engaging thriller that follows three close friends (Gautham Karthik, Lallu, Daniel Annie Pope) living in North Chennai who are betrayed when they are about to make a great deal in Burma. The film has explored much of the never shown Burmese community in North Chennai.

The film closely travels from North Chennai (Burmese community) to Burma. Sana Makbul is making her Tamil debut with this movie, is a club singer. Karthik falls for her before he is sent on an illegal mission of smuggling gold to Burma and gets caught over there. How he and his friends set themselves free from the betrayal forms the rest of the story. Director has shown some unbelievable things behind gold trading and how it being smuggled and how gold conflict gets mixed with the pure gold. The filmhas shed light of gold things. And of course, it’s a visual treat that explored some of the places that haven’t shown in movies yet.

It has a simple and neat story with an engaging screenplay involving intriguing twists wherever needed. The strength of the film is its captivating screenplay holding you till the end with sleek, seamless shifts of scenes. Karthik travels throughout the film and has exhibited never seen before performances. But his texture seems odd and is not fitting aptly to his role, who plays a typical North Chennai person. Sana Makbul’s has delivered a decent performance with less screen space. Other characters, especially Karthik’s friends have done justice to their roles. Background score is decent that should have been better as it isn’t fair enough to carry the intensity of the film.

Overall, Rangoon is a nice watch.

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