Sivakarthikeyan – Nayanthara ‘Velaikkaran’ first look copied from Hollywood movies

The just released first look of Sivakarthikeyan – Nayanthara ‘Velaikkaran’ directed by Mohan Raja has come under fire with fans trolling and creating memes around. Of course, Sivakarthikeyan looks good and one should appreciate the poster concept. But, the big deal here is, whom we should appreciate – Mohan Raja or the original makers of the poster.

Within few minutes of the release of the poster, it caught sensation for two reasons. One, the first look started trending on social media. Second, a couple of English language movie posters were also trending on social media simultaneously.

Is the context irrelevant?

Of course, not. Look at the posters of Hollywood movies of Michael Douglas’s ‘Falling Down’ and Tim Allen’s ‘Joe Somebody’. You can easily relate it to Velaikkaran first look. That will tell the rest of the story.

Besides copying stories from other language movies, film makers in Kollywood have started to plagiarize / copy other movie posters. It is not clear that only the posters are copied or the story too. We’ll have to wait till September 29th to get to know about the story.

Ironically, film makers have a safe word handy so called ‘Inspired’. They never accept the fact that they have copied the story from other movies, instead they will raise their collar and say it was just inspired. Eventually, movie makers will organize success meet to celebrate their movies success.

But, when people watch pirated version of movies (we didn’t support though) film makers will become crazy, especially Vishal. People ask for quality movies. They have technology handy so makers cannot bluff audience anymore. Instead of complaining, makers should come forward to make quality movies.

This incident is merely enough, I think so. Within seconds of the release of Velaikkaran first look, people pulled out the original version from the internet.

If film makers continue this trend, and with the current GST rates of 28% on feature films, people will tend to lose interest of watching movies in theatres.

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